People in coaching relationships say that they have more self-confidence, improved relationships, and better work performance. They have better communication and better time management. They appreciate the clarity and encouragement that comes from performance coaching.




Samuel is an entrepreneur who started his own photography business in 2004.  He is also an independent film maker with several movies to his credit.  Change is inevitable for everyone and Samuel is no exception.

Recently his business landlord decided to sell the building in which Sam had his studio.  The decisions he faced were myriad.  To purchase the building himself; to negotiate a new lease with the new owner; to move to another location.  All this while right in the middle of filming his newest movie.

Sam simply needed help clarifying his direction and goals, and how they might be best fulfilled in any one of a particular location.  Through our performance coaching relationship Sam discovered the clarity he needed.  Now his studio is generating more business than ever and his new movie is underway.

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Jess is an Illinois farmer planting and harvesting on a farm that's been in the family since the early 1830's.  Now he's on the brink of retiring and his son is taking over the farming.  Transitions are tough in any walk of life.


Jess's son is bringing new technologies to the family business and Jess just doesn't understand how it all works.  Also, it's hard for him to trust if his son really knows what he's doing.  Does he simply retire and step aside, or try to learn the new technologies that are inevitable in the 21st century?


Talking with a performance coach has helped Jess to orient his own strengths in this new day as well as come to peace with the transitions he's facing.  He now has a new sense of confidence in his son and knows that the family farm will continue well into the future. 

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Chris is a new church planter who has felt the call of God to start a church from scratch.  He moved into a city where he's never lived before but knows that churches are in dire need for the community he's been called to.

While Chris has minimal support from outside sources, it became quite evident to him early on that he needed someone who believes in him.  Reaching unchurched and disenfranchised people with the Gospel is very challenging.  Also, building a core group of new Christians and discipling them is intense.

Chris wanted help keeping his focus, reaching his goals and moving from where he is to where he wants to be with God's calling.  With the encouragement from our performance coach Chris has renewed confidence and is focused on meeting his challenges with enthusiasm.

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Katie is a sales manager with a large telecommunications company headquartered in Dallas, TX.  In sales management work performance, communication and time management are always a challenge.

With inconsistencies in her sales team's performance Katie realized that goals were not being met and attitudes were beginning to decline.  Her team just wasn't anywhere near where it needed to be in both mind and action, not to mention the relationships that were deteriorating. 

Katie knew something had to be done right away.  When she contacted our performance coach the initial consultation discovered that self-confidence was lacking.  Katie knew what she needed to do, and through self-examining conversations with her performance coach she and her team are riding high.

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The number one struggle Pastors face today is criticism and conflict.  The statistics are staggering:  80% feel discouraged in their role as a Pastor; 50% of new Pastors won't last 5 years in the ministry.

What's just as discouraging is that 50% of Pastors say they would leave the ministry today if they had somewhere else to go and 40% of Pastors report a serious conflict with a parishioner once a week.  Pastor Kent had fallen into these statistics.

With no easy answers to his struggles Kent was able to reignite his passion and become a more effective leader as he began to break through the conflicts and gain the skills to persuade, inspire and connect with others.  By tapping into his own strength and courage he has overcome the challenges.

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Linda is the Senior Pastor of a long established mainline Protestant church.  15 years ago her congregation was a vibrant 300 member church, but like nearly 90% of other mainline churches her's is now in drastic decline.

As church researcher Ed Stetzer has discovered, these churches have an "expiration date."  Meaning that by the year 2039 they will be virtually non-existent if the trend continues.  Linda naturally was frustrated and discouraged when she came to us.

While it is impossible to address all the issues facing the decline of religion in America today, there were ways to help Linda come to peace with the direction her ministry needed to take.  Nothing changes your life like a decision. Most of us know what to do, but don’t take the actions to follow through.  Linda has.

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